Manage Time, retain the best employees

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Robotics, based in Sabadell, occupies a space in the human resources management software.

In just over an hour of conversation, David Arderiu alludes only once to the digital transformation that others mention in each phrase. This is really surprising because we are talking with the CEO of a company whose business name is Robotics. Created in 1983 to provide access systems, it has grown by selling software for the “smart” management of working time. It has jumped from hardware to software and now is in “the cloud”.

Therefore, Arderiu can boast about transformation. The company, that was founded by his father in Sabadell to meet the needs of the Vallès industry, has delegations in Valencia and Madrid. They have turned over 3 million euros in 2017.

There are a lot of solutions for human resources management in the market. Can an SME of 50 employees compete with them? “Yes, it can. Many of these solutions are anchored in an anachronistic mentality, one in which the employee has to be at that hour in his workplace and not leave until he finishes his workday […] Companies have to adapt to the changes in their environment and they are doing it “. The usual tools for the control of schedules and distribution of working shifts have evolved less than society, says the interviewee.

He cites a study by the Manpower Consultancy, according to which 47% of the employees surveyed in Spain indicate the flexibility of hours as the third attribute when they can choose one job or another. It precedes the salary (68%) and the type of work (54%), since people now a days like to have time to other activities as social and sports and they even take precautions when they practice them, like using compression socks amazon to protect the muscles and that they purchase online. The first percentage rises when millennials are asked. “From the point of view of companies is important the added value that an employee brings and not the number of hours that passes in front of a machine or a computer. Generational change influences.

“Why not accept that a worker uses an application to change his shifts with a partner with the same skills? Our system is designed to validate that change as long as the requirements are met. This is called digital transformation“. Efficiency and productivity are well-heard arguments, but modern companies incorporate another factor: the retention of the best employees. “The obsession with presenteeism is the enemy of productivity,” he says. Robotics customers are in services, in retail, in the industry. Arderiu mentioned four: Adidas, Fiat, Argal Meat and an electric one that he asks not to identify.

Its traditional product is a modular platform, VisualTime (Access, Tasks, ProductiV, Planning, Analytics). They have just launched an automated planning tool.

Robotics has signed up for the SaaS stream (software as a service). Two years ago, it did not represent more than 30% of their clients: it currently exceeds 60%. “We were planning to reach 100% in 2018, but not all companies are prepared to migrate and be part of the cloud solution.