Studies of Absenteeism from Work in Spain

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May 2012

Due to the current economic situation, absenteeism from work has been reduced for the last few months in almost all countries.  Therefore, some companies have decided not take action to stop it.  However, different reasons advise against this practice.

On the one hand, Spain is still one of the countries in the European Union with more absenteeism.  In fact, according to the last Report on Absenteeism presented by Adecco, in Spain, the absenteeism rate during 2011 has reached 4,7%.  It is significant that between 2007 and 2011 the figure does not drop much, but it shows a moderate tendency.

Indeed, absenteeism from work implies severe economic, organizational, social, and productive consequences for businesses; this leads to companies being less competitive at this moment, when it more important than ever for this situation not to occur.

On the other hand, once the economic situation will change, the absenteeism from work is estimated to grow again in our country, following the tendency seen for the last few years.  Those companies who now take action to reduce absenteeism will be the best prepared ones to cope with this problem.

Thus, it is very important for companies to take action to reduce absenteeism, as explained in the following studies or articles:

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