VisualTime 2.0 Release

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June 2012

VisualTime Live is the state-of-the-art time management web platform that brings together the best benefits of the market with a very simple and intuitive interface.

Version 2.0 incorporates support for itinerant staff through geo-localization, performance management and monitoring, staff efficiency and costs, advanced scheduling and planning, together with new redesigned reports and displays for time & attendance management and access control.  Ultimately, it is a great leap forward in relation to version 1.0 released on 2010.

Customers from version VisualTime R3 will be able to update to VisualTime Live 2.0.  VisualTime Live 2.0 includes many more functionalities than previous the VisualTime Win32 R3 platform.  The new release does not require install, and it includes new, advanced user permissions and full auditing functionality, which enables more staff to have access to time & attendance management; therefore, the daily management tasks are more efficient.  Moreover, VisualTime Live enables the access to new Robotic leading solutions for productivity, itinerant employees control with exclusive and patented systems, employee scheduling, and new terminals.
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